Self-Affirmations that will Help Build Your Confidence

Confidence is like a power bar. When you take them in, you are given some kind of power that did not really used to be there. It is almost magical, and many people rely on it to achieve certain things. Confidence gives people incredible power to go beyond boundaries, and achieve the impossible. Not everyone is equipped with the right level of confidence to go through with the things that they have to do, but you can make a habit of using self-affirmations that will empower every conquest that you have.

You Can Do This

Maybe you are often told “No” or “No, you cannot do this” and it has affected the way you see yourself. Rejection can be very tough to handle. It has the power to really ruin your chances for achieving greater things. A closed door, a refusal, a turn down; these can hurt one’s ego and keep them from going forward and becoming who they should be.

Everyday, therefore, before you start your day, take time to face the mirror and after taking note of all the things that you have to do for the day look yourself straight in the eye and say: “You can do this!” and believe yourself to be saying the truth.

It is Not Your Fault

Blame can be destructive. People who have done something wrong in the past are unable to move forward and turn their lives around because of the blame they hold against themselves. You cannot do this to yourself. Things go wrong on a daily basis, even to the most careful of people, and you should understand that nothing is your fault. You have to move on and forgive yourself.

Instead of dwelling on the past and painfully looking back at what you have done wrong, see what lessons you could draw from your experience and understand that what matters is that you are able to move away from what has happened and finally gain the confidence to say: “It is not your fault”. Say it over and over, until it feels real to you.

You Did an Awesome Job!

The most important thing here is that you tried. It does not matter how things turned out; it does not even matter if you failed. Some people die not being able to try what you did, so you should give yourself a pat on the back. Recognize the things that you have done right, on your journey, instead of looking back to count all the things that you have done wrong. “You did an awesome job!” Your work may not have been exemplary, but the fact that you made an attempt and you did your very best should make all the difference.

Like a power bar, these words will work like magic and you will be stronger and less frightened to fight forward. It is not easy to live life. It is not easy to live life, struggling. Therefore, it is important for you to find ways to make things easier.


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